As the world knows, Gulf is the hub of prosperity and financial strength. People come here with almost nothing and have the chances to make a fortune for many reasons. With its highly developed communication and transport facilities, large financial institutions and budding business opportunities, Bahrain is known as the business capital of the Gulf, the major economic centre and business hub in the Middle East. This is why there have been many multinational firms having their existence in the Persian Gulf. 

Many international standard firms are flourishing in the industries like financial services and tourism, cement production, aluminium smelting, petroleum refining, and a large share of exports consisting of petroleum products, which are made from imported crude. But how these companies start in the new place and adopt so smoothly all the new land rules. If you are from international boundaries, wanting to start a new life in Bahrain, we got your back.

Today, this blog will talk about how BostonBrooks’ services will settle your business in Bahrain. The services are not just for the newbies but all those running and owning companies in Bahrain. 

If you have any issues regarding Company formation in Bahrain, BostonBrooks is right here. Get your policies documented, have any compliance, want amendment in-licenses, have a problem with annual ESR filing, acquisition or merger of business, debt recovery or winding up – BostonBrooks has all solutions from inception of business till end. 

Let’s see in detail what BostonBrooks holds for you!


Are you a start-up? We can help register your commercial registration (CR), Limited Liability (WLL), Partnership, Sijili, BSC etc. Wish to change something in the existing CR? Add a branch, a partner, change the address. We can help.

On your behalf, registration of company includes SPC, WLL, BSC, BSC(C), Partnership, and Establishments. You can get amendments in commercial registration such as revising business activities, adding shareholders, changing types of company, changing the name, and registering branches.


Bahrain commercial companies’ law is evolving due to several new regulations such as Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), Economic Substance Regulation (ESR), and other regulations. MOICT has a keen eye on corporate compliance. BostonBrooks helps its Clients comply with these regulatory requirements.

This service involves maintaining corporate minutes books, corporate governance filing, Economic Substance Returns, and Ultimate Beneficiary Filing.


How to close down a business in Bahrain? Cancel a commercial registration, winding up of a company? Our experts can help you legally close down the operations and avoid future liabilities. 

You did business for years, you may have created several liabilities, and you may have settled several. Now you want to wind up all operations for good. Some decisions are difficult, however avoiding proper closure may haunt you for years through surprise litigations, seizure of your accounts and property.

Consequences of closing business without a proper procedure may bring unknown future liabilities on you. Liquidation protects you.

We will assist in filing the application with the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism on your behalf. We will close the CR and along with it all the future Risks.

We have helped several business owners to wind up and set up a new business as well. A new beginning on a clean slate!


How to recover your receivables? How to recover the debts? Let us handle it for you against a small fee from the recovered amount with our debt recovery services. No upfront advance!

  • Having long-standing relationships with all our overseas partners we have agreements to provide these services on a NO WIN NO FEE basis charging the agreed commission rate against monies recovered only.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, all cases are handled by the local office or partner. The reasons for this are they speak the debtors’ language, in the case of Bahrain Arabic is the official language with English also widely spoken.


Bahrain is a small market; our experts know it very well. We can advise on your start-up business. We know how to make a Bahrain business advisory plan, feasibility study, project report, marketing strategy, investor pitch book, cash flow projections.

Business Advisory includes Business Plan, Feasibility Study, Cashflow Projections, Investor Pitchbook, Project Report and Marketing Planning.


Before you acquire or buy a business, you need to do your due diligence, swot analysis, profiling for risks. While you work on funding for the acquisition, let us take care of the acquisition feasibility before you jump in.

We are ready to solve all your business and law-related problems in Bahrain. Its high time you explore the land and open your business here without any fear. BostonBrooks Bahrain awaits you and your successful business journey.

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